R. M. Shea (Ryan) is a student studying computing and the arts at Yale University. His affinity for new art forms and disciplines has enabled him to flex his creativity in a variety of different fields: photography, graphic design, theatre, short film, lighting design, and event production.

He's also had a lifelong obsession for technology, and currently is working at startups building the future of digital finance. He hosts events in the Boulder startup community with Glider — a community non-profit focused on inclusive events that educate and inspire — and invests with Contrary Capital, a student focused venture fund.

Ryan is obsessed with telling stories. When building worlds — through film, print, or events — he finds his home. His work tries to ask questions that often surround his life — those of identity, isolation, integrity, motivation, and purpose.


Email: ryan@shea.cool

GitHub: rmshea

Twitter: @clockwrrk

Companies I've Worked With